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A company project that puts people at the heart of its concerns.


4 good reasons to join us

Joining Consort Group means be part of joining a company project that puts people at the heart of its concerns.
It means joining communities of experts to share, transmit and grow.
Finally, it means building your experience in a responsible and innovative environment.

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of women

in our workforce


dedicated contacts

for any question related to disability



within the group

Managers and employees testify!

Managers and employees testify!

Whether they are managers, long-time employees or recent arrivals, their testimonies say more than our words.
They have built their career paths in their own image… sometimes in a straight line, sometimes with major leaps, always with enthusiasm and commitment.
They have the floor…

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Our professions... to express your full potential

At Consort Group, each career path is unique, because we believe above all in the freedom of each individual to develop his or her own playing field.
We put the diversity of our professions, our expertise and our commitments at the service of your professional choices.
Convinced that each career path is unique, we support your career choices in their diversity as well as in their uniqueness.

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of our employees

are under 25 years old


of our employees

are over 45 years old


of our employees

receive training each year

Let's talk about Esport!

Let's talk about Esport!

What if we talked about Esport?
Because we all need other fields of expression, because many of you share this passion, Consort is committed to the playground of the Corpo League!

Let’s talk about it!

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Our job offers

Are you passionate about the IT computer world and are you looking for a different, more human environment?
Do you aspire to spaces of sharing and learning?
You want to build your professional future through high value-added missions, in line with your ambition?

Send us your application now!

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