Our history and our values,
30 years of shared adventure


… and the same state of mind: to take this entrepreneurial adventure even further, while respecting the women and men who take part in it.

An entrepreneurial story


Consort is, first and foremost, a family adventure, Daniel Guez sits at the origin of this odyssey, whose legacy continued with Jason Guez. His goal for Consort Group was to develop an integrated group offering the market a platform of expertise and managed services to accompany their clients’ IT challenges.

Consort Group is also an adventure shared by the management and several employees who have been present since the beginning: with shareholder that are now 100% entrepreneurs!

Finally, Consort Group is the adventure of a community of men and women who are fully antonomous and 100% invested in their missions every day.

An industrial adventure

Created because of an observable lack of IT resources in the 90s, Consort has since undergone regular development and transformation of its field of expertise and services.

Under the impetus of its Executive Committee, the group has shown its determination to propose a large-scale integrated offer at the service of its clients’ development and ambitions.

Consort Group has pursued this adventure through organic growth whenever possible, offering career development opportunities to those who so desire.

Investing to development

On the strength of this industrial adventure, Consort Group has acquired its credentials in managing infrastructure services as well as in data management and utilisation in order to best meet the needs expressed. The development of offshore activities has strengthened the operational alternatives offered to our clients.

Geographic expansion has enabled us to support the needs of major accounts in France and abroad.

Committed for nearly 10 years to the challenges of information management, Consort Group is now focusing on the development of a single integrated platform of expertise and services.

Constantly committed of CSR initiatives

There can be no human adventure without a growing awareness of the role we play in our society.

Committed since 2014 by signing the UN pact we continue our human and operational adventure by providing evidence each year of the development of our societal role in respect of all our stakeholders, and in particular the women and men who take part in our adventure.

The association of our employees with our capital is an opportunity for us to show our appreciation of their loyalty and commitment. It is a real joy for me to share this adventure with them

Jason GUEZ | Founder and President of Consort Group

Our values, the common thread of our adventure

  • Innovation

    Nurture the continuous improvement of our projects and services,


    to enable our clients to take their ambitions further.

  • Agility

    Constantly reinventing ourselves,

    to make each mission a unique, each journey a personalized adventure.

  • Care

    In a business built around, men and women, placing the quality of our relationship at the heart of our commitment policies and behaviour.

  • Proximity

    Acting as closely as possible to the issues and concerns of each company.

  • Commitment

    Saying, doing, adapting, and always transparent.

  • Ethics

    Make respect and equity the key words of all our actions.