Managers and employees speak out!


Consort is an adventure to be lived. Whether they are managers, long-term employees, or young talents, they share their experiences with us.

Managers and employees speak out!

Our corporate culture: resolutely human!

Our corporate culture: resolutely human!

Your talents are Consort Group’s biggest assets!

Some have been with us since the beginning of our adventure, others have joined us more recently. All of them bring to Consort Group the open-mindedness, energy, creativity and professionalism that allow us to imagine and build our common future.


Our values are our guiding principles

As the driving force behind our development, our management team is committed to living our values on a daily basis.

  • Innovation guides our strategic choices.
  • Agility serves as a guiding principle to define the foundations of our organizations and processes.
  • Commitment is lived out every day, with our customers, in the activities of our employees and in the company’s relations with all its stakeholders.
  • Ethics are the foundation of all relationships and our relationship with society.
  • Proximity is at the heart of our DNA.
  • Attention is the first condition of a bespoke support.

Just listen what they have to say about us!

The members of our Executive Committee talk about the importance of our values for them.

For them, the Consort adventure has been going for more than 10 years

They have built their career paths in their own image… sometimes in a straight line, sometimes with major leaps, but always with enthusiasm and conviction.

They have chosen Consort to live an adventure with and for men and women who believe human relations are crucial.
Their commitment has lasted for over 10 years. For the trust they’ve place in us and the contributions ofcontributions that each and every one has made to our organizations, thank you!
They’ve agreed to tell you all about it.

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They chose Consort for a new lease on life.

In their own way, they talk about their choice, their first days, their goals. Because their adventure is also a little bit yours!

In words and images, discover their first impressions when they entered Consort!

#Level Up

  • Choose

    a new challenge, your own path, work life balance that you may grow in your own time.

  • Live

    your choices, your commitments, your passions because they are at the heart of your success.

  • Share

    values, knowledge and experience because sharing is a way to grow.

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