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At Consort Group, each career path is unique.

Above all, we believe in the freedom of each individual to develop his or her field of play.

Our careers
Choose your territory of expression

Choose your territory of expression

At Consort Group, we put the diversity of our business lines, our expertise and our commitments at the service of your professional choices.
Because we know that there are as many career paths as there are talented individuals, we accompany you in your choices so you can evolve while remaining passionate and committed at our side. We provide training opportunities, coaching and allow you to choose the missions to increase your success and help you to remain an recognized expert in your profession, appreciated by your clients and your teams.

With a large portfolio of large accounts as well as small and medium-sized companies, we strive to offer you empowering missions to enrich each step of your career.

Practices leaders, andexperts talk to you about our business lines

One of our goal is to make each sector a rich and open playground. Experts, responsible for the animation of our communities, share their views on our practices and our businesses.

Expressing your full potential

At Consort Group, you have many opportunities to discuss your career path via mission reviews, interviews, informal exchanges…, and more.
Our objective: to make these moments an opportunity to better understand your potential, your desire for evolution, your points for improvement and your strengths.

Together, we will put in place the means for a career path that suits you!

Ensemble, nous mettons ainsi en place les moyens d’un parcours qui vous ressemble !

Developing your employability

Developing your employability

Our technological world is constantly changing.
Developing your employability requires that each day be enriched by new knowledge and skills.

Our practice leaders and experts are mobilized toprov ide each community with regular monitoring, facilitate exchanges and offer valuable expertise. On a daily basis, you benefit from the strength of our communities of experts as well as from the operational support of our experts whenever necessary.

Our training programmes and free access to our online environments allow you to develop or reorient your skills according to your needs and the evolution of your environments.

Benoit LACARTE, Infrastructure pre-sales engineer

Let's talk about Systems & Networks


Benjamin CROMBE, Practice Leader DevOps et Cloud

Let's talk about Virtualization & Cloud


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