What about E-sport ?

Because we all need other grounds of expression, because many of you share this same passion, Consort has committed itself on the Corpo League playground!

Let’s talk about Esport

Looking for a new playground?

For a long time reserved for a restricted community of players, gaming is now open to all and reaches an increasingly wide range of people. Consort Group also counts its community of enthusiasts!

Whatever the age, the profession or the geographical location… A same passion unites our players (more than 50 people) on the playground of the community.

Consort E-sport was created at the end of 2021 to offer a space of game, of sharing, out of the purely professional context. Here, only the pleasure of the game, the learning and  the meeting!

And the power of the game for everyone!

Whether you’re into fighting games or soccer, you’ll find a partner to play with! Every day, dozens of employees connect to our Discord server to meet each other.


Our E-sport community

  • A common passion

    A shared pleasure

  • A discord

    Open to all

  • A competition team

    To go further

League of Legends... Here we are!

Consort E-sport is participating in the 1st amateur corporate competition on League of Legends, in France: the Corpo League!

In partnership with Vitality, Riot Games has launched the 1st edition of the Corpo League in 2022. 10 corporate teams will compete in 2 splits replicating the format of the LFL or LEC (French and European League of Legends championships).

Our team competes against 2 other companies each week. The matches are broadcasted on the official Twitch channel of the Corpo League and commented live by professional caster.

Our team:10 committed and trained players, federated around common goals: play, share and win!

Want to know more? Contact the team leader on Discord #Guezios4250 or join us on Twitter.

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