Telecom Operator
Development and TPAM of a shared hosting console

For 5 years, we have been supporting this operator for the creation and maintenance of a customer portal. This portal allows SMEs to manage their websites (creation, modification of hosting characteristics, …). 

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Published on : 22 June 2022

Telecom – Development and TPAM of a shared hosting console

Challenges and Expectations

A major player in the telecoms sector, this operator offers small businesses and the self-employed a range of services enabling them to build and administer a website based on open source CMS. 

It initially proposed an offer of creation of Internet sites in shared environment. The possibilities of evolution of the subscribed offer were then limited and complex; in the same way the version upgrades of the CMS were not very practical for the final customers, strongly constraining the access to the new functionalities and the updates of safety. 

Our client wanted to modernize its offer by offering more flexibility and security to its customers, while relying on a more scalable PaaS (Platform as a Service) infrastructure with automated deployment processes. 



months to build of the solution 


years of support around the solution 

More than600

sites managed through this portal 

Customized solution

In view of the stakes and the deadlines to be met, the Consortia teams proposed an agile mode approach for the management of the project. This method allowed the client to see more quickly the good progress of the project, its adequacy with a demanding functional need and thus to be reassured on the respect of the deadlines. 

The interfacing of the portal with the technical environment proposed by was facilitated by this approach. 

The organization implemented was one of the determining factors for the success of this project. 

A quick understanding of the subject by our teams allowed us to be a force of proposal regarding the implementation of the solution, in partnership with our customer and the teams of the PaaS provider. 

Following the project, which took 4 months to complete, we are now providing third-party application maintenance (TPAM) for the application within its shared service center. 

Technical construction

The Consortia teams were able to consider the technical imperatives of the project and provide answers in line with the requirements: 

  • Integration of our client’s SSO for authentication 
  • Considering the technical context: exchanges and workshops with the PaaS provider 
  • Choice and implementation of the application architecture 

Third-party application maintenance

  • Support for the correction of anomalies 
  • Adaptation of the application to the evolutions of the API of the PaaS provider 
  • Realization of evolutions in fixed price mode 
  • Security control of the code with Kiuwan 


Agile Management

Declination of the Scrum practice in order to ensure the realization of the project

Third-party application maintenance

Maintenance corrective and evolutionary

Automated deployment

via Azure Pipeline to update validation and production environments

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