Industrialisation of a “User Centric” support system

Since 2012, Consort Group has been helping this banking client to transform and evolve its Digital Workplace. Consort Group is providing greater human and technological proactivity, enabling users to be more agile in their uses and practices.

Bank – Industrialisation of a “User Centric” support system


Our customer wanted to combine Service Desk activities with Workstation Deployment and Proximity activities within a single service and through a fixed-price outsourcing contract. This implementation was accompanied by a strong desire to industrialise and modernise the performance of these activities, and thus improve the user and partner experience.

The service covers France, and should be able to evolve to support the Group’s international expansion.

A high level of visibility was expected in terms of support capabilities for industrialisation and internationalisation.

A response based on 3 pillars

As an integrator and operator of information systems, recognised for its positioning as a tailor-made industrial company, Consort France has embarked on the transformation with a constant concern for perceived quality, positioning the User Support Service as a showcase for the IT Department through the excellence of the quality of exchanges with users and the improvement of their experience.

All the contractual, financial and SLA commitment mechanisms have been used to control costs and support the deployment of international scopes.

  • A User Centric approach

    enables us to enhance the quality of user relationship by taking account of user’s experience and context.

  • Uniformity on all fronts

    is achieved by adopting an end-to-end, 360° vision. This includes standardising the support chain, centralising knowledge and omnichannel capabilities, to deliver a seamless service.

  • Proactivity as a core target

    enables us to offer users an ‘outgoing’, hybrid and innovative service, as part of a continuous improvement approach made visible by a shared progress and transformation plan.

A "run" service as much as a construction service

Consort France carried out both the transformation and the run of an end-to-end support service, with a 360° view of the user and a constant aim to improve the user and partner experience.


Empowerment offers internal and external users the means to increase their autonomy by implementing self-care solutions. By doing so, they can find the answer to their needs and the solution to their incidents and requests on their own.

Digital Workplace


Automation helps to meet the need for optimisation, improve service quality, enhance agility and control budgets.

Digital Workplace


Robotisation automates the management of a large number of technical tasks through recent technological developments.



Industrialisation, by bringing together Service Desk, Proximity and Deployment activities, results in an overall improvement in end-to-end monitoring and offers gains in terms of massification.

Digital Workplace


years of collaboration


Service available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day


users employees supported


partners addressed, commercial and e-commerce


Continuous improvement and Shift Left

Reduce direct contact, giving users maximum autonomy

Methodological expertise

ITIL® Framework Lean IT Devops approach

Training and support

Certification of our teams and customer teams in the ITIL® framework and the DevOps approach, as well as technical training

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