Consort France,
the group’s home base

Choosing Consort France means choosing a human-sized structure, close to the heart of the group’s expertise and industrial structures.

Consort France

Consort France, in close proximity

An agile, entrepreneurial mindset

Consort was born in France from the desire to offer companies a lever for creating value around their information systems.

Entrepreneurs above all!

From the infrastructure professions, our spectrum of expertise has broadened to meet the technological disruptions of our century and provide the expected performance of information systems. Combining our expertise, particularly in Data with the domains of Infrastructure and Solutions, Consort France brings the innovation necessary for the enhanced IT services of tomorrow.

Agile, and we want to keep it that way!

Technology is changing our lifestyle, as well as our products and services. Health, social and environmental uncertainty are pushing us to reinvent ourselves… We have chosen a flexible and industrialized organization in order to offer our clients quality and a combination of skill sets that open up the field of possibilities for digital transformation.

Territorial coverage for proximity

Consort has gradually built up its territorial organization to serve our key account clients, with sites and agencies around the country offering closer proximity to both clients and employees.

Present throughout the country, we enrich this proximity on a daily basis, which is essential for a partner-relationship with our clients and for the support of each of our experts.

A large client portfolio, synonymous with opportunities

…and shared experience.

While the financial services sector remains a reference sector for France (34% of our revenues), those of Telecom & Media or Industries, Distribution and Services represent today an alternative way to express our know-how and contribute to the enrichment of our practices.

Among our top 15 clients (68% of group revenue) are five major CAC40 companies. We put this portfolio of large accounts and ETIs at your service for more sharing and a diversity of experience.

From the satisfaction of expertise needs to service transformation, our customer partnerships sometimes span 30 years, from the industrialization of services to their digital transformation through robotization.


agencies and offices


experts, consultants and technicians


major accounts and small to middle size clients

Consort France, ambition at your service

  • Excellence in our expertise and service centres, which are recognized for their quality and information security, driving the group’s development

  • Reference client portfolio,

    made up of major CAC40 companies as well as ETIs of reference in our economic territories

  • Open and lively communities,

    a place for sharing, helping each other, developing our know-how and innovation

Each community has its own personality...

Choosing Consort France means choosing to: integrate a dynamic, close team, that of your agency, and experience the support, sharing and development offered by your community… All to go even further!

Our communities are a story of men and women committed to growing their knowledge and their playground.

Built on historical foundations or, to the contrary, from a desire for strategic development, consolidating production, or else consulting staff, from 600 to just 50 people, they all have different ways of functioning. However, they all share the same objective: to help you and the group grow.

Joining the 2,000 experts, consultants and technicians who work daily with our clients means finding a community of expertise in line with your ambitions.

  • Share

    expertise, experience and know-how on a daily basis, as well as through awareness, training, and passion!

  • Grow

    your career, and on a daily basis, accompanied by experts and leaders in the field, in complete autonomy, and enriched by the group’s offers.

  • Innovate

    by encouraging technical collaboration, the generation of new ideas, and the development of tomorrow’s products and services.


Our regions have character!


At the creation of each regional agency,

a combination of proximity, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.

ILE DE FRANCE, a historical playground!

As the cradle of the group, the Ile de France region is at the heart of our organization and our developments, with 1,300 employees at the headquarters, in our monitoring and innovation units, agencies, service centres, or with our clients.
From the 17th arrondissement of Paris to the towers of La Défense, the key word is accessibility for our employees and proximity for our clients.
Concentrating the group’s expertise, the region offers all the potential of an economic environment of reference. Our client base, which reflects the group’s multisectoral nature, is a unique opportunity for you to express your skills and know-how through assignments that are as diverse as they are rich. It is up to each of you to develop your expertise and reach your full potential!

Choosing Consort in the Ile de France region means choosing a wide range of assignments and proximity to the group’s structures.

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NORTH, with strong expertise in infrastructure services and testing.

NORTH, with strong expertise in infrastructure services and testing.

Established since 2001 in an industrial client environment in the Pas de Calais, the Lille branch supports more than 30 ETIs, major economic players in the Lille metropolitan area, particularly in the Banking/Insurance, Energy and Retail sectors.
Very active in the field of infrastructure services, we offer our experts and consultants a wide territory of expression in the fields of Digital Workplace, DevOps, Cybersecurity, RPA, Testing and Data at the heart of Lille’s economic fabric.
The agency hosts its 180 employees and its outsourcing activities in the heart of a modern setting in the centre of Lille, a place to work and live in keeping with our culture of proximity, exchange and conviviality. A place for sharing and coworking, our premises are also the meeting point for our communities of DevOps and Testing experts, who are particularly well developed in the region.

When you choose our Lille office, you’re choosing a northern welcome and a concentration of the Group’s Infrastructure expertise.

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WEST, offering ETI's our experience with large accounts combined with renowned agility

With nearly 15 years’ experience in the economic fabric of the Nantes region, the Nantes branch supports major national accounts and SMEs. Having been involved in outsourcing projects since our creation, we can offer them, and our 170 employees, a wide range of services.
With a strong identity built on our expertise and infrastructure services, we are strengthening our teams (and they are making a major contribution!) and our added value in Devops, Testing, Data and Development, benefiting from the Group’s expertise and communities as well as local teams who are proud to be part of this adventure.

Because proximity is one of the Group’s core values, we have chosen to expand our geographical footprint over the years with local offices (Rennes since 2016, Angers since 2021).

Choosing Consort in the Western region means choosing an agency and offices that cultivate their dynamism and conviviality through internal events (onboarding, Friday parties, agency evenings) and external events (trade fairs, schools, etc.). They never leave you indifferent!

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SOUTH-WEST, wide ranging professional and geographical coverage for better career development support.

SOUTH-WEST, wide ranging professional and geographical coverage for better career development support.

The Toulouse and Bordeaux branches now employ more than 160 people, and counting! Firmly rooted in our regions, we have been supporting our clients since 2001, with a recognised sense of commitment and a relationship built on trust.
Based close to the Toulouse, Castres and Bordeaux hubs, our teams and experts work with SMEs and CAC 40 clients across a wide range of sectors.
Whether on a managed or outsourced basis, we cover a broad spectrum of businesses and services, representative of the IT challenges faced by regional players (Infrastructure, Development, Testing, Projects, Integration, User Support).
Located in the heart of the historic city centres of Toulouse and Bordeaux, we welcome you to a coworking space in an exceptional setting!
We set up regular meetings between our agencies and our experts and consultants, with the key words being “Proximity” and “Understanding” of each person’s aspirations. Our “Resources Management” unit contributes to this.
Our agency-based teams regularly organise small-scale events. Sports evenings, cookery evenings, board games, etc. are just some of the ways in which we facilitate exchanges.

Choosing Consort in the South-West means choosing dynamic, friendly agencies that listen to their employees. You grow, we grow!

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RHONE-ALPES, at the service of national accounts as well as small and medium-sized companies in the region.

Set up in 2012 on the basis of managed outsourcing, the Lyon office has rapidly expanded its business with major national clients in the telecoms, energy and transport sectors, as well as with players in the region’s economic and social market. Since 2018, our offices have been located in the heart of the Lyon peninsula, between Place des Terreaux and the Opera, within easy reach of our colleagues, clients and candidates.
Growing steadily since its creation, the agency now has more than 100 employees who deliver assignments directly to our customers, or from one of our two service centres, in areas of expertise including Storage, Backup, Cybersecurity, DevOps, as well as Development, Testing and Big Data.

Choosing Consort in Lyon means choosing to express your expertise within a fast-growing agency.

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