Mutual insurance
Outsourcing user support

Supporting the transformation from an in-house model, with a commitment of resources, to outsourcing managed by a Service Centre

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Published on : 06 July 2023

Insurance – Outsourcing user support


Our client wanted to outsource and transform its User Support model in order to better control costs, modernise the service it provides and improve the user and partner experience.
Previously an in-house operation, the company’s target was to set up an outsourced service centre organisation and operate on the basis of a commitment to results. This transformation was accompanied by a strong desire to protect the quality of service delivered to its users and partners.

Multidisciplinary project team

As an information systems integrator and operator, Consort France is committed to transformation with a view to securing the level of perceived quality through a gradual and controlled transformation model.

Different plans have been implemented (knowledge management, massification, commitments, continuous improvement, financial optimisation, etc.) in order to achieve an appropriate transformation:


Upstream work at the heart of the system

… by integrating our employees into the client’s internal system prior to the transformation.

Consort France mobilised experienced consultants and technicians to integrate the initial system, ensure its RUN and capitalise on existing processes and practices. This approach made it possible to support/adjust them during the transformation and guarantee a seamless transition with no impact on the quality perceived by the user.

Gradual outsourcing...

… as well as secured.

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in user services, Consort France is deploying all the technical and organisational building blocks in parallel with the RUN, to ensure a seamless switchover for users..

An adjustable delivery model

Consort France has implemented a hybrid dedicated/mutualised delivery model, based on the customer knowledge acquired upstream of the transformation and integrating the necessary growth adjustment possibilities provided by the organisational flexibility authorised by its multi-client SD. This configuration is designed to meet the challenges of strategic development, growth and maintaining service quality.

Automation projects...

… playing a full part in overall improvement.

Through its immersive transformation plan, Consort France was able to identify very early on the areas of industrialisation, reliability and cost optimisation, which can be implemented in an agile manner according to our customer’s needs.


 requests / month


users and partners, constantly evolving


days, with an extended service window


satisfaction rating from the first year


Industrial and customised solutions

Certified Service Centres, adaptable and flexible services to meet real customer needs

Automation and continuous improvement

Reduce the direct demands on users and give them maximum autonomy

Methodological expertise

Based on the best standards and practices in the market

Skills management

Developing the human and technical capital of our employees to ensure the well-being of each individual

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