Towards a more responsible digital world

On the occasion of the publication of Growing Up Sustainably, the Group’s sustainable development report, and the signing of the Responsible Digitalisation charter, we invite you to browse through the key points of our commitments and our measured results.

Towards a more responsible digital world

“I am deeply convinced that the development of our business activities, the excellence of our expertise and the continuous improvement of our operations must go hand in hand with the development of our social, societal and environmental excellence”.

Jason GUEZ | President of Consort Group

Publication of our voluntary extra-financial declaration, Growing Sustainably

Our commitments are first and foremost a path that everyone must follow to ensure that tomorrow’s world is a liveable one for our children.
Each of our results is the result of all of them.
Consort builds its policy step by step, concretely, in a choice of realistic and operational application, in line with its business model and operational realities.
For this world to move forward, it is essential that everyone makes a commitment, even if it’s in small steps.
Find out more about our key figures and commitments in our voluntary extra-financial declaration, Growing Up Sustainably.

Digital Responsibility has been identified as a strategic area of focus and will reinforce the Group’s existing CSR initiatives.

Elie COHEN | Chief Executive Officer of Consort Group

Signature of the Responsible Digital Charter

En 2023, le groupe poursuit ses engagements et signe la « charte Numérique Responsable » de l’Institut du numérique responsable, pour un numérique respectueux de l’environnement, inclusif, solidaire et éthique.

More than 500 companies and organisations have already signed the charter.

Against a backdrop of urgent climate change, Responsible Digitalisation has become a major issue for our organisations in just a few years. Awareness of the environmental and social impacts of digital technology has accelerated, forcing organisations to reassess their digital strategy.

This charter sets out Consort Group’s commitments in 5 points:

  • Optimise digital tools to limit their impact and consumption;
  • Develop services that are accessible to all, inclusive and sustainable;
  • Commit to ethical and responsible digital practices;
  • Make digital technology measurable, transparent and easy to understand;
  • Encourage the emergence of new behaviours and values.

Participating in, supporting and acting on the actions proposed by the group also means supporting the advancement of responsible digital technology in our societies.